Durvet - Durafend - 1 Lb
UPC: 745801079663 (# 698818-59369-001-07966)
• Dewormer For Beef and Dairy Cattle, Horses, Swine, Growing Turkeys, Zoo and Wildlife Animals
• Indicated For The Control and Removal Of Worms In A Broad Range Of Animals
• Pellets May Be Top Dressed Or Blended With Feed
• No Milk Withdrawal Period For Dairy Cattle
Suggested Retail price: $9.79
Durvet Inc D - Pyrantel-S Swine Anthelmintic
UPC: 745801079717 (# 698948-89413-001-07971)
• Removes and Controls Large Roundworms and Nodular Worms
• Each 5Lb. Bag Treats Five 40Lb. Pigs
• Easy To Feed Pellet Form
• Scoop Included Measures Approximately 0.50 Pounds (8Oz.)
Suggested Retail price: $11.19
Merck Animal Health Mfg - Safe Guard .5% Multi-Species Wormer
UPC: 797734192551 (# 184312-89566-223-SGM1)
• Dewormer Labeled For The Use In Cattle, Swine, Zoo and Wildlife Animals, Horses, Growing Turkeys, Sheep, and Most Ruminants
• For The Removal and Control Of: Lungworms, Large Strongyles, Gastrointestinal Worms, Kidney Worms and Many Others
• Administration To Breeding and Pregnant Ruminants At 2 To 22Times Recommended Dose Has Had No Apparent Adverse Effect
Suggested Retail price: $9.59
Merial - Ivomec Cattle & Swine Inject - 500ml
UPC: 350604474425 (# 047613-58268-126601)
• Ivomec Injection For Grower and Feeder Pigs Is Dilute Parasiticide For Young Pigs
• Give To Grower and Feeder Pigs Injected Subcutaneously At A Rate Of 1 Ml Per 20 Pounds Of Bodyweight
• This Product Kills Gastrointestinal Roundworms
Suggested Retail price: $194.79
Schering/Intervet - Safe-Guard 0.50% Dewormer - 5 Lb
UPC: 094922614827 (# 184303-43249-6777)
• Effective Against Lungworms, Gastrointestinal Worms, Large Roundworms, Etc.
• No Milk Withdrawl.
• Also For Use In Swine, Growing Turkeys and Zoo and Wildlife Animal.
Suggested Retail price: $45.09
Merck Animal Health - Safeguard Swine Scoop 1.8% - 10 Lb
UPC: 797734192612 (# 184310-60072-SWINE)
• Medicated Dewormer For Swine
Suggested Retail price: $218.59