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Prevue Pet Products - Bodacious Bites Wizard - Multi
UPC: 048081609620 (# 067444-92387-60962)
• Bodacious Bites Bird Toys Encourage Foot and Beak Exercise While Providing Mental Stimulation
• Your Bird Will Spend Hours Climbing, Pulling and Chomping On A Variety Of Shapes and Textures
• Made With 100-Percent Pet Safe, Non-Toxic, Colors and Materials
Suggested Retail price: $23.49
C AND S Products - No Melt Suet Display - 72 Piece
UPC: 018222000784 (# 428176-74523-PP78)
• 72 Pieces Of No Melt Suet In A Display: 24 Each Peanut Delight, 24 Each Orange Delight, and 24 Each Berry Delight.
Suggested Retail price: $189.35
C AND S Products - Seed Wreath - Display
UPC: 018222000173 (# 428200-39605-PP17)
• The Seed Wreath Is The Perfect Gift For Wild Bird Feeding, Which Provides Enjoyment Year Round.
• Made The Same Way As The Snack Products.
• It Is A Great Gift Idea For The Bird Lover.
• Attracts The Same Wild Birds As Seeds, But Does Not Replace Suets In A Balanced Wild Bird Diet.
• Display Contains 16 Seed Wreaths.
Suggested Retail price: $269.13
Birdquest/Songbird - Gord-O Bird House Display - - 31 Pieces
UPC: 645194775602 (# 008069-74473-SEBCIGORDOPP)
Suggested Retail price: $870.79