Four Oaks Farm Ventures/D -Goat Hoof & Coat Powder - 2.5 Oz
UPC: 728028476620 (# 030339-105141-001-47662)
All natural. For all farm and show animals. Foot rot coat fungus skin dermatitis and wounds.
Suggested Retail price: $15.99
Goodwinol Products Corp - VetRx Goat & Sheep Remedy - 2 oz
UPC: 046938060013 (# 034922-57117-VET-GS-2Z-X)
• Treats Respiratory Infections and Especially Helpful In Eliminating Ear Mites
• Can Be Applied Internally, Externally, In Feed Or Water and Can Be Used In Conjunction With Prescribed Medications
Suggested Retail price: $12.19