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Zoo Med - Repti Shedding Aid - 2.25 oz
UPC: 097612800319 (# 604712-6498-MD-31)
• Aids In Removing Dry Sheds From Snakes and Lizards.
• Helps To Keep The Skin Moist and Pliable.
• Conditions Your Reptiles Skin and Provides A Visible Sheen.
• Long Lasting.
• Works Between Sheds.
Suggested Retail price: $5.59
Zoo Med - Repti Turtle Eye Drops - 2.25 oz
UPC: 097612800302 (# 604711-6497-MD-30)
• Opens and Cleans Inflamed Turtle Eyes.
• Use As A Preventative For Eye Diseases Caused By Vitamin A Deficiency.
• Especially Helpful With Box Turtle Eye Problems.
Suggested Retail price: $5.59
Zoo Med - Hermit Crab Thermometer/Humidity Gauge - Glow
UPC: 097612009125 (# 690119-89138-HC-11G)
• Allows Precise Monitoring Of Both Temperature and Humidity In Your Hermit Crabs Home
• Helps To Properly Digest and Metabolize Food and Facilitates Shedding
• Decreases Stress Levels and Prevents Against Possible Illness and Disease
• Unique Velcro Backing Enables Easy Removal For Cleaning
Suggested Retail price: $11.99
Starbar - Captivator Fly Trap 2 Quart Cap
UPC: 041535001476 (# 272478-93962-14680/100520214)
• Traps Come Complete With 1 Tube Of Attractant
• One-Way Entry System Keeps Flies In The Trap
• Insecticide Free
• Container Is Reusable Made Of Heavy-Plastic
• Made In The Usa
Suggested Retail price: $15.49
Marshall Pet Products - Ferret Lax Hairball Remedy - 3 Oz
UPC: 766501003888 (# 571812-91990-FS-388)
• Eliminates Existing Hairballs and Prevents The Formation Of New Ones
• Helps Aid Removal Of Non-Food Items That May Have Been Accidently Ingested
• Great Tasting Paste
Suggested Retail price: $8.49
Natural Chemistry - Reptile Relief From Mites - 8 Oz
UPC: 717108110356 (# 025326-12559-11035)

• Reptile Spray Kills Mites and Other Reptile Parasites and Can Be Used To Clean Surfaces Of Terrariums and Other Habitats

Suggested Retail price: $8.09