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Houses & Hide-outs

Ware Mfg - Animal House 2-Level Hamster Home - Assorted - 16 Inch
UPC: 791611160008 (# 089643-85237-16000)
• Studio Home Includes: Storage Attic For Toys and Treats, Full Width Shelves, Stair Step Ramps, Large Exercise Wheel,
• Also, Chair Shaped Food Dish and Full Opening Top Door
• Perfectly Sized For Hamsters, Dwarf Hamsters, Gerbils and Pet Mice
• Available In Green Or Blue
• Hinged Roof Panels For Large Opening Access
• Actual Size: 16 Lx12 Wx15 H
Suggested Retail price: $36.69
Super Pet - Igloo - Assorted Mini
UPC: 045125604047 (# 274972-38047-100079167)
Hide-Out For Hamsters, Gerbils, Pet Rats, and Other Little Critters.
Suggested Retail price: $5.09
Super Pet - Natural Tree Stump Hideout - Small
UPC: 045125604009 (# 276855-60993-100505983)
• Made From A Unique Combination Of Recycled Plastic and Wood That Is Completely Pet Safe
• Designed To Encourage Your Pet S Natural Hiding Instincts, Making Them Feel Safe and Secure
• Ideal For Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice and Other Small Animals
Suggested Retail price: $5.39
Super Pet - Color Nest Tunnel Hideaway - Assorted - Small
UPC: 045125612653 (# 277123-88986-100524757)
• Helps Pet Feel Protected
• Uniquely Hand Woven
• Made With Natural Materials
• Satisfies Chewing Instincts
• For Hamsters, Gerbils, Or Other Small Animals
• Available In Four Assorted Colors: Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red
Suggested Retail price: $9.09
Super Pet - Natural Play-N-Chew Cubby Nest - Medium
UPC: 045125612561 (# 276860-76703-100506042)
• Provides Your Pet With A Hideout, Chew Toy and Play Toy All In One
• Made From Natural Sisal Material and Includes Attached Wooden Chews and A Hanging Sisal Ball For Playing
• Wood and Sisal Material Are Excellent Chewing Materials and Promote Good Dental Health In Small Animals
• Ideal For Guinea Pigs, Rats and Other Small Animals
Suggested Retail price: $11.49
Super Pet - Tropical Fiddle Sticks Flexible Hideout - Small
UPC: 045125604245 (# 277055-83476-100079180)
• Ideal For Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, and Other Small Animals
• Bendable Shapes Stimulate and Challenge
Suggested Retail price: $4.89
Ware Mfg - Twig Tunnel - Natural - Small
UPC: 791611039021 (# 089356-51670-03902)
• Made From A Renewable Resource
• Perfect Hideout For Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, and Rats
• Wholesome Chew Source For Critters That Gnaw
• Natural Willow Wood
Suggested Retail price: $3.49