Innovacyn - Vetericyn Traveler 8Pc Counter Display - 3 oz
UPC: 818582010375 (# 086050-73997-085-95207)
• Intended For The Otc Management Of Skin Abrasians, Lacerations, Minor Irriations, Cuts and Intact Skin
• Non-Irritating & Non-Sensitizing, Safe If Licked Or Ingested, Works On All Animal Skin Types
Suggested Retail price: $119.89
DBC Agricultural Products - First Arrival Calf Paste - 60 Gram
UPC: 815551010039 (# 018624-57199-UNKNOWN)
• Specially Formulated To Help Calves Cope With The Stress Of Scours and Malnutrition
• Utilizes Targeted Proteins, Beneficial Bacteria, and 280 Organic Compounds To Fight Harmful Pathogens
• Safe All-Natural and Also Helps Build A Stronger Immune System
Suggested Retail price: $11.19