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Kentucky Equine Research - Ritetrac Digestive Tract Support For Horses - 6 Kg
UPC: 853637002295 (# 044040-108654-KER-RITETRAC-6KG)
Formulated to aid your horse's overall gastrointestinal health.. Work to benefit the hindgut and foregut by neutralizing gastric acid.. Contains Equishure designed to maintain pH in the colon.. Provides rapid relief for stomach discomfort as a result of ulcers. .
Suggested Retail price: $223.19
Kentucky Equine Research - Synovate Ha For Joints - 32 oz
UPC: 853637002356 (# 044030-108656-KER-SYNOVATEHA-32)
Delivers high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate for horses in an easy to administer liquid. Designed to help manage horse joint health by preventing the loss of hyaluronic acide. . . .
Suggested Retail price: $87.09
Kentucky Equine Research - Bio-Bloom Ps For Hoof Health - 2 Kg
UPC: 853637002233 (# 044037-108655-KER-BIOBLOOMPS-2KG)
Creates a healthy shiny coat. Increases hoof growth. Promotes a healthy horse from the inside out. . .
Suggested Retail price: $86.89
Kentucky Performance Prod -Trouble Free Powder - 2.25 Lb
UPC: 180434000538 (# 044345-105528-990012)
Behavior and calming support for horses.
Suggested Retail price: $60.49
Kentucky Equine Research - Triacton Equine Supplement - 12 Kg
UPC: 853637002752 (# 044029-100041-KERX-TRIACTON-12KG)
Unique triple action formula
Supports health in three research proven way
Provides bone-building nutrients like magnesium, boron, and silicon, plus vitamins A, C, D and K
Also includes targeted ingredients for a healthy stomach and a balanced hindgut
Suggested Retail price: $163.29