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Miracle Corp - Shedding Blade Reversible Opening - Blue
UPC: 000842007502 (# 671823-36976-3294/750)
• Reversible Shedding Blade With Both A Fine and Coarse Side.
• Blade Opens To Cover Large Areas.
• The Interlocking Handle Provides Tight and Secure Hold For Smaller, Hard To Reach Spots.
Suggested Retail price: $15.99
Miracle Corp - Grooma Original Groomer - Blue
UPC: 008055710004 (# 671401-30672-D710)
• The 31 Soft Flexible Fingers Provide A Wonderful Massage While They Penetrate Deep Into The Coat To Remove Loose Hair, Dirt
Suggested Retail price: $10.29
Miracle Corp - Grooma Softtouch Massage Brush - Orange
UPC: 008055713005 (# 671460-30674-713GN)
• Soft and Gentle, Perfect For Face, Legs, Stomach and Sensitive Areas.
• The World S Most Popular Brush, It Is Great For Massage.
Suggested Retail price: $8.59
Miracle Corp - Equi-Block Leg Tightner - Pint
UPC: 788899000676 (# 803309-30667-67)
• Use As A Daily Leg Brace and Pain Reliever For Minor Aches and Pain.
• Treat Lameness Caused By Injury, Overexertion Or Arthritis Related Issues, Especially Where Swelling Is Involved.
• Penetrates Deep Sooth Joints, Tighten Ligaments, Reduces Swelling.
• Shake Well and Apply Evenly To Clean Legs and Rub In Thoroughly, Use More Liberally For Swollen Or Puffy Legs.
• Use For Bowed Tendons, Pulled Ligaments, Splint Pain, Stifles, Wind Puffs and Joint Swelling, Back Pain and Arthritis.
Suggested Retail price: $20.49
Miracle Corp - Equi-Block Tropical Pain Relief - 8 oz
UPC: 788899000669 (# 803308-30666-66)
• Highly Effective Specifically Formulated Gel To Manage Pain From Serious Injury.
• Safe, Effective and Easy To Apply.
• Temporary Relief Of Minor Aches and Pains In Joints, Tendons, Muscles, Ligaments Or Due To Overexertion, Injury Or Arthritis.
• Apply An Even Amount To The Area Of Lameness 1 To 3 Times Daily; Circle Entire Joint, Stifle, Fetlock, Hock, Or Other Areas.
• Wear Disposable Gloves Or Wash Hands Thoroughly After Each Application.
Suggested Retail price: $31.99