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Durvet - PetD - Wormeze Gel -4 oz
UPC: 745801060005 (# 699756-87827-011-06000)
• Dog and Cat Gel Wormer For The Removal Or Large Roundworms
• For Use On Cats and Dogs Over 6 Weeks Of Age
• Easy To Use, Apply Into Pets Mouth Or Mix Into Food
Suggested Retail price: $9.69
Pet Kiss - Hairball Remedy - 2 oz
UPC: 184877000377 (# 184877000377-80646)
Pet Kiss Hairball Remedy
• All natural ingredients
• Irresistible salmon flavor
• Contains NO petroleum
• Simply add to food
Ingredients: Salmon Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Borage Oil,Evening Primrose Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Almond Oil, Contains No Petroleum
Suggested Retail price: $11.99
Pet Kiss - Hip & Joint Care - 12 oz
UPC: 184877000056 (# 184877000056-80642)
Pet Kiss Hip & Joint was developed to improve your pet's over all joint health and mobility.
• Vet Recommended
• All Natural
• Contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM for Joint Support
• Simple to Use.
Suggested Retail price: $13.99
Pet Kiss - No Worries - 4 oz
UPC: 184877000063 (# 184877000063-80643)
Pet Kiss No Worries was developed to naturally take the edge off pets during stressful situations. Simply spray this delicious beef flavored liquid into your dog or cat's mouth to keep them calm and happy.
• Soothes Your Pet In Stressful Situations
• Calms With A Gentle Blend of Herbs and Vitamins
• Contains 100% Natural Chammomile.
Suggested Retail price: $9.99
Durvet - PetD - Focus Cat Vax 3 - 1 Dose
UPC: 745801449107 (# 699001-91343-004-4910)
• For The Vaccination Of Healthy Cats, 8 Weeks Or Older
• Aids In The Prevention Of Diseased Caused By Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia Viruses
Suggested Retail price: $9.89
Eqyss Grooming Products - Meta-Tek Pet Rebuilder - 8 oz
UPC: 786232107402 (# 689694-81998-091-10740)
• Restores Elasticity and Strength To Weakened, Dry, Damaged Coats
• Repairs Damaged Coat and Cracked Paw Pads
• Conditions Bare Spots and Reduces Breakage
• Soothes Hot Spots
• Safe For Dry Noses, Use On Dogs, Cats and Puppies.
Suggested Retail price: $20.59
Innovacyn - Vetericyn Wound Pump - 8 oz
UPC: 852009002017 (# 086003-49060-085-1002)
• One-Step Topical Water-Based Spray Gel That Cleans, Treats and Protects Wounds and Infections
• Kills Bacteria Including Antibiotic-Resistant Mrsa
• This Steroid-Free Antibiotic-Free, No-Rinse Solution Is Non-Toxic and Speeds Healing
• Can Be Used For Hot Spots, Mange, Rain Rot, Rashes, Post Surgical Sites, Burns, Cinch Fungus, Strangles, Ring Worm and More.
Suggested Retail price: $22.99
Innovacyn - Vetericyn Umbilical, Naval And Udder Gel - 16 oz
UPC: 852009002772 (# 086039-59849-085-1140)
• For Use As An Aid In Cleaning The Umbilical and Naval Of Animals
• Laboratory Tests Have Shown Vetericyn Inhibits 99. 999 Percent Of Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
• Topical Application To Clean and Heal Wounds, Cuts, Abrasions, Sores and Skin Irritations
• Non-Toxic- Safe If Licked Or Ingested
Suggested Retail price: $36.99
Innovacyn - Vetericyn Pink Eye Spray - 16 oz
UPC: 852009002512 (# 086019-55841-085-1100)
• Apply To Irritated Eyes To Provide Relief From Burning, Stinging, Itching, Pollutants and Other Forgein Materials
• Also Used To Clean and Sooth Eyes From The Effects Of Pink Eye
• This Steroid-Free, Antibiotic-Free, No-Rinse Solution Is Non-Toxic and Speeds Healing
Suggested Retail price: $33.99
Four Oaks Farm Ventures - Dust-On All In One Wound Dressing - Clay - 2.5 oz
UPC: 728028224344 (# 030335-82907-001-22434)
• All Natural For All Animals, Use To Stop Bleeding Fast and Doesn T Damage Live Tissue
• Draws and Absorbs Discharge, Non-Caustic For Proud Flesh
• Creates Firm, Breathable Scab and Allows Body To Heal Naturally
• Also Can Be Used For Dehorning/Docking
Suggested Retail price: $13.39