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Zoo Med Laboratories - Reptihabitat Aquatic Turtle Kit - Black - 20 Gallon
UPC: 97612091571 (# 690651-97745-NT-T22)
Kit includes: 20 gallon aquarium with screen top mini combo deep dome hood 50 watt lamp reptisun 13 watt bulb submersible. 10lb. River pebbles reptisafe water conditioner reptile thermometer aquatic turtle banquet block natural aquatic turtle f. Red shrimp turtlebone and aquatic turtle care book.. . .
Suggested Retail price: $261.29
Zilla - Replacement Filter Cartridges - Large/3 Pack
UPC: 096316098312 (# 276820-80583-100109831)
• Replacement Filter Cartridge For Large Zilla Basking Platform Filter
• 25% More Activated Carbon
• Dense-Floss Cartridge Traps More Fine Debris
Suggested Retail price: $10.59
Galapagos - Terrarium Starter Kit Arid Environment
UPC: 759834053514 (# 088074-89489-05351)
• Suited For All Reptiles, Amphibians and Small Critters
• Kit Comes With Essential Items Such As; Sheet Moss, Sphagnum Moss, Pillow Moss, Basking Bark, Mossvine, Reindeer Moss and De
• The Kit Comes Arranged In A Box With Brilliant Packaging Ready For The Holidays, Birthdays Or Your Animal S First Day Home
Suggested Retail price: $19.14
Starbar - Milk Jugg Fly Trap 2 Pack
UPC: 041535001414 (# 276335-93963-3002613/100520148)
• Economical Way To Catch Over 35, 000 Flies Per Gallon
• Set On Ground Or Hang
• Easy To Use Just Add Water and Attractant and Pop On The Top
• Insecticide-Free
• Reusable
• Made In The Usa
Suggested Retail price: $22.39