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Houses & Hide-outs

Ware Mfg - Animal House Small Pet Home - Assorted - 35 Inch
UPC: 791611160039 (# 089645-85230-16003)
• 25. Dio Home Includes: Storage Attic For Toys and Treats, Full Width Shelves, Stair Step Ramps, Chair Shaped Food Dish
• Also, Full Opening Top Door
• Perfectly Sized For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Chinchillas and Other Small Animals
• Available In Green Or Blue
• Hinged Roof Panels For Large Opening Access
• Actual Size: 35.5 Lx17.25 Wx23.5 H.
Suggested Retail price: $108.49
Ware Mfg - Critter Timbers Bark Bungalow - Large
UPC: 791611131107 (# 089600-80473-UNKNOWN)
• Perfect Dwarf Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and Rats
• 100% Natural, Sustainable Wood
• Safe For All Small Pets To Chew
• Provides A Sense Of Safety and Security.
Suggested Retail price: $58.29
Ware Manufacturing Bird / Small Animal - Wood Den Hide Out - Red/Natural - Large
UPC: 791611131206 (# 089720-95985-13120)
Great for resting. Great for nesting. Safe and secure place to hide and sleep. . .
Suggested Retail price: $20.79
Marshall Pet - Pirate Ship Ferret Hideaway
UPC: 766501003918 (# 571969-80018-FP-391)
• Several In and Outs For Quick Escapes and It Even Has Its Own Distinctive Flag
• Can Be Used Inside Or Outside Of Cage
• Easily Clips To Most Cages
• Great For Mulitple Ferrets.
Suggested Retail price: $25.69
Marshall Pet - Starfish For Small Animals - Orange
UPC: 766501003994 (# 572034-86906-FP-399)
• Will Add A Splash Of Color To Any Small Pet Home
• Made With Brushed Cotton On The Outside and Has Soft Fleece On The Inside Bottom For Extra Comfort During Sleepy Time
• Multiple Ferrets Can Slip In and Out Of The Three Holes For Easy Access
• Can Be Used Inside Or Outside Of The Cage
• Hand Wash
• 17 Inches Wide By 8 Inches High.
Suggested Retail price: $26.19