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Ideal Instruments - Sheep and Goat Dehorner
UPC: 726087021034 (# 698486-42797-043-2103)
• Dehorning & Branding
Suggested Retail price: $153.79
Rubbermaid Seasonal - Stock Tank Drain Plug - Gray
UPC: 071691147305 (# 533891-54384-FG505012)
• For Use With 300, 150, 100 & 70 Gallon Rubbermaid Stock Tanks
• Plastic
Suggested Retail price: $29.49
Ideal Instruments - Castrator Rings - Green - 100 Count
UPC: 726087020075 (# 033597-42730-043-2007)
• For The Use In Castration Of Lambs, Calves, Goats, and Other Animals Up To 250 Pounds.
• Latex.
Suggested Retail price: $2.79
Absorbent Products - Red Lake Earth - 6 Lb
UPC: 058633101052 (# 087310-45817-W202)
• Specially Formulated For Agricultural Use In A Fine and Slightly Coarser Grind
• Omri Listed For Use In Organic Production and Registered For Use As An Anti-Caking Agent
• Benefits Include: Improved Feed Conversion, Reduced Manure Odor
• Has Been Used In Dairy, Beef, Poultry, Equine, Bison, Sheep, Goat, Ratite and Pet Food Diets With Positive Results
• Safe and Does Not Contain Any Anti-Biotics Or Harmful Chemicals
• Ingredients Absorb Mycotoxins
Suggested Retail price: $19.49
Agri-Pro Enterprises Of - Pritchard Flutter Valve Lamb Nipple - Multi-
UPC: 751374460500 (# 001103-92915-460500)
• Valve Prevents Milk From Being Squirted Out Of The Air Vent
• Nipple Cannot Be Pulled From Bottle
• Veri-Speed Nipple Can Be Cut To Adjust Feeding Rate
• Easily Screws On Most Size Bottles Including The 2 Liter Plastic Pop Bottle
Suggested Retail price: $4.19
Eqyss Grooming Prod D - Crib-Guard Anti-Chew Gel - 16 Oz
UPC: 786232104203 (# 690314-91456-091-10420)
• Protects Your Horse From The Harmful Effects Of Chewing, Gnawing and Cribbing
• Will Not Irritate Skin
• Will Not Harm Vegetation
• Alcohol Free
• Safe For All Surfaces Including Leather
Suggested Retail price: $34.19
Oster - Goat Tooth Comb - Black - 3 x 20 Inch
UPC: 034264413955 (# 353375-54161-78554-056)
• 20-Tooth Goat Comb, 3 Inches Wide
• For Regular Goat Shearing
• Shearing Is Important To Remove Long Hair and Reduce The Risk Of Vermin Infestation Such As Fleas and Lice
• Grooming Makes The Goat Feel Comfortable
Suggested Retail price: $35.49
Kamar Products - Heatmount Detector - 25 Pack
UPC: 747742111259 (# 010215-42818-25-BOX)
• Use This Product To Indicate When Breed Has Occurred
• When The Animals Breed They Will Rupture The Color Marker Making It Clear That Mating Has Occurred
• 25 Per Box
Suggested Retail price: $51.39
Vets Plus - Power Punch Drench - 1 Gallon
UPC: 794535020021 (# 170324-47854-022-20602)
• High Potency Nutrient Drench To Help Support Normal Energy Levels Appetite and Digestion In Cattle and Other Ruminants.
• Administer When Birthing Weaning Vaccinating Handling Weather Changes Shipping Or Post Antibiotic Treatment.
• For Calves Sheep and Goats.
• Shake Well.
• Administer Orally Using Drench Gun.
• Hold Head Of Animal In A Slightly Elevated Position and Carefully Place Nozzle Into Back Of Mouth Between Cheek and Teeth.
Suggested Retail price: $75.69
Pygar Incorporated - Felco Hoof Clipper
UPC: 783929100128 (# 068845-99889-F-51)
Clipper recommended for cutting the hooves of sheep and goats. Cutting and anvil blades coated with nylon to guard against hoof infections. Rubber shock absorber and cushion for protecting the wrist. Toothed center nut for easy adjustment to the blades. Screwed anvil blade. Forged aluminum handles
Suggested Retail price: $134.49
Manna Pro-Farm - Goat Treats - Apple - 6 Lb
UPC: 095668899103 (# 667834-88397-1000962)
• A Fun, Nutritious Snack For Your Goat
• Made With Real Anise, Delivering An Apple Flavor Your Goat Can Not Resist
• Easy To Feed Nugget Form
Suggested Retail price: $13.69
Manna Pro - Goat Treats - 6 Lb
UPC: 095668900809 (# 667674-42956-1000322)
• A Fun, Nutritious Snack For Your Goat.
• Manna Pro Goat Treats Are Designed To Provide A Nutritional Treat Or Reward For Goats.
• Made With Real Anise, Delivering A Licorice Flavor Your Goat Can Not Resist.
• Feed Up To Pound Per Head Per Day To Larger, Adult Goats.
• For Pygmy Goats and Young Goats Feed Up To Pound.
Suggested Retail price: $11.69