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Waste Control

Super Pet - Hi-Corner Litter Pan - Large
UPC: 045125621464 (# 271141-4987-100079483)
For Ferrets and Rabbits.
Suggested Retail price: $19.69
Super Pet - Tall Corner Litter Pan with Quick Lock - Assorted
UPC: 045125621495 (# 276771-58789-100504716)
• Extra High, Flip-Resistant Litter Pan That Fits In The Corner Or Cages
• Locks Onto All Wire Habitats
• Easy To Clean Surface
Suggested Retail price: $10.79
Super Pet - Long John High Side Litter Pan - Assorted
UPC: 045125621457 (# 275205-4988-100079482)
Specifically Designed To Conform To The Long Contour Body Shape Of Ferrets and Rabbits.
Suggested Retail price: $9.79
Super Pet - Crittertrail Out House Litter - 16 oz
UPC: 045125605822 (# 271192-4721-100079237)
Specially Formulated To Take Advantage Of Your Small Animals Natural Instinct To Eliminate In One Area Of Their Home.
Suggested Retail price: $2.89
Marshall Pet - Bi-Odor Small Animal Waste Deodorizer - 8 oz
UPC: 766501002218 (# 571862-13345-FS-221)
• Internal Waste & Urine Deodorizer For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Small Animals.
• Deodorizes Your Pets Stool, Urine and Body Odors Internally By Simply Adding To Your Pets Water Daily.
• Use This Product For An Odor Free Pet.
• 100% Natural Ingredients.
Suggested Retail price: $14.19
Natural Chemistry - Healthy Habitat - 24 Oz
UPC: 717108110318 (# 025332-12552-11031)

• Natural Cleaner and Deodorizer
• Specifically Formulated To Effectively Eliminate Odors and Soiling Caused By Non-Living Organic Animal and Food Waste
• For Use With Any Pet-Habitat and All Surfaces Within Habitat Such As: Glass, Heat Rocks, Gravel, Artificial Plants, Etc
• Contains Safe, Biodegradable, Natural Ingredients
• Natural Enzymes Harmlessly Breakdown Non-Living Organic Contaminants

Suggested Retail price: $8.59