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Durvet Key Items - Duramycin 72-200 - 500 ml
UPC: 745801105560 (# 075359-56066-001-10556NB)
• Effective Against Gram Negative and Gram Positive Bacteria
• For Use On Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle (Lactating and Non-Lactating), Calves (Including Preruminating Veal Calves) and Swine
• Treats Respiratory Diseases, Pinkeye, Scours and Other Bacterial Infections
• Approved For Sub-Q Administration
• Ready-To-Use, No Refrigeration Or Shaking Required
• Duramycin 72-200 Is The Generic Equivalent To La-200
Suggested Retail price: $53.79
Durvet Key Items - Duramycin 72-200 - 500 ml
UPC: 745801105522 (# 075362-56068-001-10552NB)
• For The Treatment Of Disease In Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Calves, Including Preruminating (Veal) Calves, and Swine
• Discontinue Use At Least 28 Days Before Slaughter
• Milk Taken During Treatment and 96 Days After Last Dose Cannot Be Used For Food
• Cattle: At First Sign Of Pneumonia Or Pinkeye, Inject A Single Dose Intramuscularly According To Package Dosage Guidelines
• Do Not Give More Than 10 Milliliters At Any One Site
• Swine: At Signs Of Pneumonia, Give One Dose According To Swine Guide.
Suggested Retail price: $24.19
Durvet Key Items - Sustain III Cattle Bolus - 50 Count
UPC: 745801141537 (# 058537-42335-001-54153)
For Oral Administration To Beef Cattle and Non- Lactating Dairy Cattle
• For Use On Beef Cattle, and Non-Lactating Dairy Cattle
• For Oral Administration To Beef Cattle and Non- Lactating Dairy Cattle
• Sustained Action 3 Full Days From A Single Treatment
• Fast Acting Reaches Minimum Therapeutic Blood Levels Within 6 Hours Post Administration
• Highly Concentrated Provides Peak Antibiotic Blood Levels Of 250Ppm Quickly Acts To Break Fever
Suggested Retail price: $137.49
Boehringer - Biomycin 200 - 250 ml
UPC: 012313349530 (# 091048-55943-135915/349531000)
• Cattle: Treats Pneumonia, Shipping Fever Complex, Pinkeye, Diphtheria, Bacterial Enteritis Caused Be E Coli
• Approved For Lactating and Non-Lactating Dairy Cattle and All Beef Cattle
• Gentle On Your Calf
Suggested Retail price: $45.69
Boehringer - Today Mastitis Tube - 10 ml
UPC: 726287149415 (# 529168-55786-471711000/304141)
• Single-day treatment against pathogens that cause mastitis
• For use in lactating dairy cows
• Treats susceptible gram-positive and gram-negative organisms
• Provides the option of partial or full insertion with an exclusive, easy-to-use protective cap
• Made in the USA
Suggested Retail price: $56.28