Ware Manufacturing Bird / Small Animal - Tabby Cat Hideout Ceramic - Orange
UPC: 791611131145 (# 089712-95981-13114)
Chew proof design. Safe and secure hideout. Easy to clean ceramics. . .
Suggested Retail price: $7.49
Ware Manufacturing Bird / Small Animal - Corn Mat - 6 X 2 X 10 Inch
UPC: 791611031650 (# 089406-95969-3165)
The perfect place for pets to sit and rest.. Natural corn fibers provide a comfortable seat that pets can also eat.. Corn mat is naturally appealing for rabbits guinea pigs chinchillas pet rats and more.. . .
Suggested Retail price: $5.89
Marshall Pet - Banana Hammock - Yellow
UPC: 766501003697 (# 572010-70755-FP-369)
• Provides Good-Natural Fun For Everyone. It Has 3 Openings and Plenty Of Room For A Game Of Peek-A-Boo
• The Banana Hammock Includes Adjustable Straps and Is Made Ofsoft, Easy To Clean Fleece
• Washing Instructions: Wash In Cold Water. Hang Dry
• Easily Clips Onto Most Cages
• Great For Ferret S Burrowing Instincts. Soft Fleece Lining Inside
• Perfect For Pairing With The Monkey Hammock
Suggested Retail price: $21.59
Marshall Pet - Marshall 2 In 1 Ferret Bed - Assorted
UPC: 766501003673 (# 571997-60068-FP-367)
• Hangs Or Sits In Cage
• Removable Clips Allow For Quick Conversion From Comfortable Hanging Bed To A Plush Spot On The Cage Floor
• Versatile Bed For Any Ferret Home
• Soft Fleece Material
Suggested Retail price: $18.49
Marshall Pet - Leisure Lounge
UPC: 766501001112 (# 571754-13362-FP-111)
• Is Larger Than Traditional Cage Hammocks and Can Comfortably House Up To 3 Adult Ferrets
• Clips Easily To Most Wire Cages and Is Made With Durable Fabrics
• A Necessary Accessory For Every Ferret Owner
• Made Of Fleece
Suggested Retail price: $15.89
Marshall Pet - Deluxe Leisure Lounge
UPC: 766501000542 (# 571874-13375-FP-054)
• Soft Fleece Lined Center; Comfortably Houses Several Ferrets; Easy Clip-On Design Fits In Any Cage
• Ferrets Will Love To Lounge In This Comfy Hammock
• 1 Seller
Suggested Retail price: $16.59