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First Aid

Four Paws - Antiseptic Quick Blood Stopper Powder - 0.5 oz
UPC: 045663501204 (# 030578-10380-100523273 100203518)
• Designed To Be Used By Both Veterinarians and Breeders To Aid In The Stopping Of Blood When Docking, Cropping and/Or Cutting.
• For Use On Dogs, Cats and Birds.
Suggested Retail price: $8.19
Four Paws - Antiseptic Quick Blood Stp Gel - 1.16 oz
UPC: 045663501105 (# 434926-88025-100203517)
• Designed To Be Used By Both Veterinarians and Breeders To Aid In The Stopping Of Blood When Docking, Cropping and/Or Cutting
• For Use On Dogs, Cats and Birds
Suggested Retail price: $10.49
Ideal Instruments - Digital Vet Thermometer
UPC: 726087082073 (# 170811-42745-8207)
• Ideal S Digital Thermometer Is Quick Reading and Beeps When Ready To Display Temperature.
• Digital Temperatures In Fahrenheit.
• Digital With Plastic Case.
Suggested Retail price: $14.19
Gimborn - Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder - 0.5 oz
UPC: 073626600015 (# 532363-13559-423594/60001)
• Kwik Stop Effectively Helps Stop Bleeding Caused By Clipping Nails and Claws, Docking Tails and Minor Superficial Cuts
Suggested Retail price: $9.29
Lambert Kay - Pectillin Diarrhea - 4 oz
UPC: 071860511302 (# 430552-8401-51130)
• Aid In Treatment Of Diarrhea In Pets.
• It Contains Pectin and Kaolin.
• Pectin Provides Protective Coating To Irritated Gastro-Intestinal Membranes Kaolin, An Absorbent, Increases The Bulk And Slos Down Passage Of Feces While Promoting Excretion Of Toxins.
Suggested Retail price: $8.29
Farnam - Sulfodene Brand Ear Cleaner Antiseptic for Dogs & Cats - 4 oz
UPC: 039079038546 (# 606787-3422-3003854)
Loosens wax and debris; reduces risk of infection and inflammation; contains soothing aloe Vera.
Suggested Retail price: $7.89
Durvet - Scarlet Oil With Sprayer - 16 oz
UPC: 745801118010 (# 048472-42234-001-DDD1801)
• A Non-Drying Dressing For Use As An Aid In The Treatment Of Simple Wounds, Cuts, and Abrasions
• For Use On Animals
• Non-Aerosol
• Economical
Suggested Retail price: $10.89
Kinetic Technologies - Derma Aid Antiseptic Cream - 4 Oz
UPC: 851559000856 (# 044075-72188-3006-06-00)

• Fast-Acting Topical Antiseptic Ideal For Use On Surface Wounds, Chafes, Scratches, Saddle Or Girth Sores
• Use For All Types Of Surface Wounds On Horses, Dogs and Cats
• When Used In Conjunction With Good Cleaning Practices, Derma-Aid May Help Speed Recovery
• Creamy Base and Petroleum Free Formulation Absorbs Readily Into The Skin


Suggested Retail price: $10.69
Durvet - Nfz Puffer - 1.59 oz
UPC: 726087126746 (# 048470-42249-048-142674)
• Indicated For Eye and Ear Infections, Surface Wounds, Cuts, and Abrasions In Dogs and Cats
• Remove Cap and Squeeze Container To Fore A Stream Of Powder Directly Into The Eye
• Repeat Treatment Daily
Suggested Retail price: $18.49
Innovacyn - Vetericyn Hydrogel Spray - 16 oz
UPC: 852009002093 (# 086012-51569-085-1040)
• One-Step Topical Spray That Cleans Wounds, Treats Infection and Kills Bacteria
• Kills Antibiotic-Resistant Mrsa
• Steriod-Free, Antibiotic-Free, No-Rinse Solution Is Non-Toxic and Speeds Healing
• Hydrogel Is Designed To Slowly Evaporate; There Is No Need To Wipe Away Film Or Residue From Previous Applications
Suggested Retail price: $34.99