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Fine Crafts - Wooden Bear Paper Towel Holder
UPC: FC-0180 (# 198ANI-75615-198ANI)
This is a paper towel holder with a bear in the front. Made from 3/4 inch premium grade pine wood. The towel rod measures 12" tall and the bear is 11.5 inches to the top of his head and is 7.5" wide. Makes a great functional and practical gift idea. This piece is sanded smooth to accept paint,stain,and decoration(s) if desired or leave as is.
Suggested Retail price: $50.00
Fine Crafts - Wooden Giraffe Paper Towel Holder
UPC: FC-0230 (# 199ANI-75616-199ANI)
This piece is a wooden Giraffe paper towel holder. Made from 3/4 inch pine wood. Measurements are: 9" from the base to the top of the head and is 8" wide. The base is 6" wide by 7" long.
Great and practical gift idea for any Giraffe lover. Item is sanded smooth to accept paint, stain or any thing else if you want to decorate.
Suggested Retail price: $50.00
Fine Crafts - Wooden Zebra Coin Bank
UPC: FC-0363 (# 202ANI-75617-202ANI)
This is a wooden Zebra coin bank. Made from 3/4 imch thick pine wood. This item measures 9 1/2 inches high from the top of the ears to the bottom of the feet and is 31/4 inches in width.
The piece was sanded smooth to accept paint, crayons, stains,etc.  This way the child can make this their own creation. To make a " withdrawal", just remove one side, Each side has 4 removable slotted screws for easy removal. There is a slot on the top to deposit coins or bills. A great gift idea and teaches the value of savings at the same time.
Suggested Retail price: $80.00