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Fine Crafts - Paw Shaped Business Card Caddy
UPC: FC-0127 (# 223ANI-75498-223ANI)
This is a handmade wooden business card caddy shaped like a dog's paw. The paw is made from 1/2 inch red oak wood. The 2card holders are made from pine wood. Makes a great practical, useful gift to display your business cards.
This product was finished in lemon oil to bring out the beauty of the oak.
This item measures 5  1/2 inches long by 5" wide
Suggested Retail price: $25.00
Fine Crafts - Wooden Dog Bone Business Card Caddy
UPC: FC-0213 (# 138ANI-75542-138ANI)
This is a business card holder shaped like a dog bone.  Made from 3/4 inch thick pine with 2 card holder sides each a quarter of an inch thick..Makes a great display for any animal lover. Measurements are:
9  1/2 inches long
3 and a half inches wide
3/4 inch thick
Suggested Retail price: $30.00
Fine Crafts - Wooden Dog Shaped Christmas Tree Ornaments
UPC: FC-0216 (# 157ANI-75546-157ANI)
These are 7 different various dog breed shaped christmas tree ornaments. Made from 1/4 inch poplar wood, each one measures 4" high by 3.25" wide. Wood dress up any christmas tree. They are sanded smooth to accept paint or stain if you want. Each one costs $5.00
Suggested Retail price: $20.00
Fine Crafts - Wooden Dogs Corner Door Topper
UPC: FC-0218 (# 141ANI-75515-141ANI)
This is a wooden Dogs door topper, very cute item. Can be placed on any corner trim on top of any door. Great conversation piece. Made from 1/2 inch Oak plywood and finished in lemon oil. This item measures 8 inches long by 7" down.
Suggested Retail price: $50.00