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Customer Reviews

We have started our new pet shop only a month ago but the products from petwholesaler have been a real boost to getting things on the right track. I have a local supplier but the prices from this site make the online ordering a better decision even for the same products.

The most important thing for the small business it the small minimums for ordering. I have been shut out of other suppliers because of the minimum but not by petwholesaler.

The extensive list of quality vendors with low minimums have made PetWholesaler.com one of our favorite places when searching for new products. As a small business, this allows us to have a large variety of fresh items without having a backroom full of overstock. The friendly personal service was quite refreshing to find in an environment that isn't always receptive to smaller businesses. I wish all my business transactions were as pleasant and professional as the ones I've shared with PetWholesaler.com. The quick shipping and ability to shop at my own convenience are additional benefits. They've been a blessing to our business and we look forward to doing business with them in the future.
Sandra Clarke

I just want to let you know that your web site is the best!!! It is the most comprehensible and easy to use of all of the web sites I've been accessing (100's of them) in the past few weeks in preparation of opening my pet boutique. I access daily to see your promotions and vendor additions. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to our continueing relationship.

I am very, very satisfied with my order--great prices and very quick delivery of the products. This is a wonderful idea--a "one stop" shopping site for pet supply retailers. I have been trying to find a source for Kyjen products for some time, and here I discovered that you offer their products (I ordered quite a bit of their products from you). I am a small retailer, and often times large manufacturers do not want to deal with smaller businesses, so you have really implemented a terrific service for those of us who are not able to buy in volume.
New Mexico

I have only placed one order so far but my experience was a very pleasant one. Registration was simple and easy. The website is very well organized and it is easy to find the products you are looking for. My order was received yesterday in perfect condition. I would happily use this service again!
North Carolina

I am very happy! Quality is excellent and I have already placed another order! I will definitely shop at wholesale for pets!
New Jersey

I was pleased to find that PetWholesaler.com offers quality merchandise from a good variety of manufacturers and the website was very easy to use. All of the product, manufacturer and ordering information that I needed was right at my fingertips. The personal attention from the staff was a definite plus.

You have great customer service, great prices and are easy to work with. The latter is what I appreciate the most. When ever I have had a question or a problem, it has always been adressed right away. The staff works hard to find solutions and keeps working until I am satisfied. This is refreshing in this day when customers are no longer consider the most important aspect of business by on-line businesses and giant corporations.
New Hampshire

Great website, easy to navigate and find items. Pricing is better than anywhere and the sales are an extra bonus! Plus, if you need help, they are quick to respond! Great overall experience, I'll be back!

I would like to thank everyone at PetWholesaler.com for the great service. I do most of my wholesale shopping though your merchants. They are great products and sell themselves. The items are packaged great and sell themselves. Most of the orders that I place I recieve within three days. You do everything you can to make sure that my shopping experience is great. I would personally like to thank you for all of your hard work. Thanks again.